The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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884                       IN THE NURSERY
' Now comes the exciting part, little Anna. This is the most important in all the play. Mr. Waistcoat undoes himself, and addresses his speech to you, that you may applaud ; but leave it alone,—that's considered more genteel.
* " I am driven to extremities ! Take care of yourself ! Now comes the plot! You are the Pipe-head, and I am the good head—snap ! there you go ! "
1 Do you notice this, little Anna ? ' asked Godfather. ' That's a most charming scene and comedy. Mr. Waistcoat seized the old Pipe-head, and put him in his pocket; there he lies, and the Waistcoat says :
' " You are in my pocket; you can't come out till you promise to unite me to your daughter Glove on the left: I hold out my right hand." '
' That's awfully pretty,' said little Anna.
' And now the old Pipe-head replies :
My head's in a hum,
So confused I've become ; Where's my humour ? Gone, I fear, And I feel my hollow stick's not here.
Ah ! never, my dear,
Did I feel so queer.
Oh ! take out my head From your pocket, I pray;
And my daughter and you May be married to-day.
1 Is the play over already ? ' asked little Anna. 1 By no means,' replied Godfather. ' It's only all over with Mr. de Boots. Now the lovers kneel down, and one
of them sings :
Father! and the other,
Take back your head again, And bless your son and daughter.
And they receive his blessing, and celebrate their wedding, and all the pieces of furniture sing in chorus,
Clink ! clanks! A thousand thanks; And now the play is over!
1 And now we'll applaud/ said Godfather. ' We'll call