The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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thought it out, and had taken for that castle everything that he thought most beautiful in the other buildings. It had carved beams like the Norwegian church, marble pillars like the Greek temple, bells in every story, and at the top of all, cupolas, green and gilded, like those on the Czar's Kremlin. It was a real child's castle, and under each window was written what the room or hall was to be used for : * Here Emily sleeps.' ' Here Emily dances,' and * Here Emily plays at receiving visitors.' It was amusing to see, and it was looked at too.
4 Charming !' said the General.
But the old Count, for there was an old Count, who was still more dignified than the General, and himself had a castle and an estate, said nothing ; he heard that it was designed and drawn by the Porter's little son. He was not so little, however, seeing that he was confirmed. The old Count looked at the pictures,and had his own quiet thoughts about them.
One day, when the weather was downright grey, wet, and horrid, was one of the brightest and best for little George. The Professor of the Academy of Art called him in.
* Listen, my friend,' said he, * let us have some talk together ! God has been very good to you with abilities; He is also good to you with good people. The old Count at the corner has spoken to me about you ; I have also seen your pictures; we will draw the pencil over them; in them there is much to correct! Now you can come twice a week to the drawing, school, and you will be able to do better afterwards. I believe there is more in you to make an architect than a painter ; you can have time to consider that yourself ; but to-day you must go up to the old Count at the corner, and thank our Lord for such a man ! '
It was a great house at the corner ; round the windows were carved elephants and dromedaries, all from olden times ; but the old Count thought most of the new times with what good they brought, whether it came from the first floor, the cellar, or the garret.
* I believe,' said the Porter's wife, * that the more folks are really grand, the less stuck-up they are ! How charm­ing and straightforward the old Count is ! And he speaks