The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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George pressed her hand. ' He ran from me !—there is a better time coming 1'
There were tears in Emily's eyes ; in those of the young man were courage and confidence ; and the sun shone in upon the two and gave them his blessing. In his room sat the General, perfectly boiling; in fact he boiled over and sputtered out, * Madness ! Porter's madness !'------
Before an hour had passed, the General's lady got it from the General's own mouth, and she called for Emily and sat alone with her.
1 You poor child ! to insult you so ! to insult us ! You have tears in your eyes, but it suits you ! You are charming in tears ! You resemble me on my wedding-day. Cry away, little Emily !'
* Yes, that I must,' said Emily, * if you and father don't say " Yes I " '
' Child !' cried her ladyship, ! you are ill! you talk in delirium, and I am getting my frightful headache! to think of all the unhappiness which comes to our house ! Do not be your mother's death, Emily. Then you will have no mother !'
And her ladyship's eyes grew wet; she could not bear to think of her own death.
In the newspaper one read amongst the appointments: 1 Mr. George, appointed Professor.'
1 It is a pity his parents are in their grave and cannot read it ! ' said the new porter-folk, who now lived in the cellar, under the General's ; they knew that the Professor had been born and brought up within their four walls.
* Now he will come in for paying the tax on titles,' said the man.
' Yes, is it not a great deal for a poor child,' said the wife.
' Forty shillings in the year !' said the man, ' yes, that is a lot of money ! '
' No, I mean the position !' said the wife. ' Do you suppose he will trouble himself about the money ; he can earn that many times over ; and he will, no doubt, get a rich wife besides. If we had children, they should also be architects and professors.'