The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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before him ; they shine, they burn, they pinch him, these innocent children's teeth.
' Yes, it is a serious journey, the omnibus drive on the great removing-day ; and when will it come ?
' That is the serious thing about it, that any day, any hour, any minute, one may expect the omnibus. Which of our deeds will Death take out of the savings bank and give to us ? Let us think about it ; that removing-day is not to be found in the Almanac.'
It was winter-time ; the air was cold, the wind sharp ; but indoors it was snug and warm. Indoors lay the flower ; it lay in its bulb under the earth and the snow.
One day rain fell ; the drops trickled through the snow-coverlet, down into the ground, touched the flower-bulb, and told about the bright world up above ; soon a sunbeam, fine and pointed, pierced its way through the snow, down to the bulb, and tapped on it.
' Come in ! ' said the flower.
' I can't,' said the sunbeam, ' I am not strong enough to open the door ; I shall be strong when summer comes.'
' When will it be summer %' asked the flower, and repeated it every time a new sunbeam pierced down to it. But it was a long time till summer : the snow still lay on the ground, and every night ice formed on the water.
' How long it is in coming ! How long it is ! ' said the flower; ' I feel a prickling and tingling, I must stretch myself, I must stir myself, I must open up, I must get out and nod good morning to the summer; that will be a happy time ! '
And the flower stretched itself and strained itself inside against the thin shell, which the water outside had softened, which the snow and the earth had warmed, and the sun­beam had tapped upon ; it shot out under the snow, with its whitey-green bud on its green stalk, with narrow, thick leaves, which seemed trying to shelter it. The snow was cold, but permeated with light and easy to push through ;
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