The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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* " That is a lovely gallows," says the north-east wind ; " the beautiful grows 1" and so it whistled and blew. From Germany blew trouble and want.
' The Hansa merchants came/ said Godfather; ' they came from warehouse and counter, the rich traders from Rostock, Liibeck, and Bremen ; they wanted to snatch up more than the golden goose from Waldemar's Tower ; they had more power in the town of the Danish King than the Danish King himself ; they came with armed ships, and no one was prepared. King Eric had no mind either to fight with his German kinsfolk ; they were so many and so strong. So King Eric and all his courtiers hurried out at the west-port to the town of Soro, to the quiet lake and the green woods, to the song of love and the goblet's clang.
1 But one remained behind in Copenhagen, a kingly heart, a kingly mind. Do you see the picture here, the young woman, so fine and tender, with sea-blue eyes and flaxen hair ? it is Denmark's Queen, Philippa, the English Princess. She stayed in the distracted city, where in the narrow lanes and streets with the steep stairs, sheds, and lath-and-plaster shops, townspeople swarmed and knew not what to do. She has the heart and courage of a man. She summons burghers and peasants, inspires and en­courages them. They rig the ships and garrison the block­houses ; they bang away with the carbines ; there is fire and smoke, there is lightness of heart; our Lord will not give up Denmark ! and the sun shines into all hearts, it beams out of all eyes in the gladness of victory. Blessed be Philippa ! and blessed she is in the hut and in the house, and in the castle of the King, where she looks after the wounded and the sick. I have cut a wreath and put it round the picture here,' said Godfather. ' Blessed be Queen Philippa ! *
1 Now we spring years forward!' said Godfather, ' and Copenhagen springs with us. King Christian the First has been in Rome, has been blessed by the Pope, and greeted with honour and homage on the long journey. He is building here a hall of red brick; learning shall grow there, and display itself in Latin. The poor man's children from the plough or workshop can come there too, can live upon