The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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* But the words of the poor man are like chaff before the wind.
' Now the ship sails past the castle, and the burghers run upon the ramparts, so that they may once more see the royal galley sail.
' " The time is long, the time is hard ; trust not in friends or kinsmen."
' Uncle Frederick in the Castle of Kiel would like to be King of Denmark. King Frederick lies before Copenhagen ; do you see the picture here, " the faithful Copenhagen ? ' Round about it are coal-black clouds, with picture on picture ; only look at each of them ! It is a resounding picture ; it still resounds in song and story : the heavy, hard, and bitter time in the course of the years.
' How went it with King Christian, that wandering bird ? The birds have sung about it, and they fly far, over land and sea. The stork came early in the spring, from the south over the German lands ; it has seen what will now be told.
'"I saw the fugitive King Christian driving on a heather-grown moor ; there met him a wretched car, drawn by one horse ; in it sat a woman, King Christian's sister, the Margravine of Brandenburg—faithful to the Lutheran religion, she had been driven away by her husband. On the dark heath met the exiled children of a king. The time is hard, the time is long ; trust not in friend or in kin."
The swallow came from Sonderborg Castle with a doleful song : " King Christian is betrayed. He sits there in the dungeon-tower deep as a well; his heavy steps wear tracks in the stone floor, his fingers leave their marks in the hard marble."
What sorrow ever found such vent As in that furrowed stone ?
' The fish-eagle came from the rolling sea ! it is open and free ; a ship flies over it; it is the brave Soren Norby from Fyn. Fortune is with him—but fortune is changeful, like wind and weather.
' In Jutland and Fyn the ravens and crows scream : " We