The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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* Still, he was with her then ; now she is alone, alone for ever. She knows not his grave, no one knows it.
Her faithfulness to him was all her crime.
' She sat there for years, long and many, whilst life went on outside. It never stands still, but we will do that for a moment here, and think of her, and the words of the song :
I keep my promise to my husband still In want and great necessity.
* Do you see the picture here ?' said Godfather. ' It is winter-time ; the frost makes a bridge between Lolland and Fyn, a bridge for Carl Gustav, who is pushing on irre­sistibly. There is plundering and burning, fear and want, in the whole land.
' The Swedes are lying before Copenhagen. It is biting cold and a blinding snow; but true to their king, and true to themselves, men and women stand ready for the fight. Every tradesman, shopman, student, and schoolmaster is up on the ramparts to defend and guard. There is no fear of the red-hot balls. King Frederick swore he would die in his nest. He rides up there and the queen with him. Courage, discipline, and patriotic zeal are there. Only let the Swede put on his grave-clothes, and crawl forward in the white snow, and try to storm 1 Beams and stones are rolled down on him ; yea, the women come with brewing cauldrons and pour boiling pitch and tar over the storming enemy.
1 This night king and commoner are one united power. And there is rescue and there is victory. The bells ring ; songs of thanksgiving resound. Burgherfolk, here you won your knightly spurs !
'What follows now ? See the picture here. Bishop Svane's wife comes in a closed carriage. Only the high and mighty nobility may do that. The proud young gentlemen break the carriage down; the bishop's wife must walk to the bishop's house.
' Is that the whole story ?—Something much bigger shall be broken next—the power of pride.
' Burgomaster Hans Nansen and Bishop Svane grasp