The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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hands for the work, in the name of the Lord. They talk with wisdom and honesty ; it is heard in the church and in the burgher's house.
' One hand-grip of fellowship, and the haven is blocked, the gates are locked, the alarm bell rings.
' The power is given to the king alone; he who remained in his nest in the hour of danger ; he governs, he rules over great and small. It is the time of absolute monarchy.
' Now we turn the page and the time with it.
1 " Hallo, hallo, hallo ! " The plough is laid aside, the heather gets leave to grow, but the hunting is good. " Hallo, hallo ! " Listen to the ringing horn, and the baying hounds ! See the huntsmen, see the king himself, King Christian V: he is young and gay. There is merriment in palace and in town. In the halls are wax-lights, in the courtyards are torches, and the streets of the town have got lamps. Every­thing shines so new ! The new nobility, called in from Germany, barons and counts, get favours and gifts. Nothing passes current now except titles and rank, and the German language.
1 Then sounds a voice that is thoroughly Danish ; it is the weaver's son who is now a bishop ; it is the voice of Kingo ; he sings his lovely psalms.
' There is another burgher's son, a vintner's son ; his thoughts shine forth in law and justice ; his law-book became gold-ground for the king's name ; it will stand for times to come. That burgher's son, the mightiest man in the land, gets a coat of arms and enemies with it, and so the sword of the executioner is raised over the head of Griffenfeldt. Then grace is granted, with imprisonment for life. They send him to a rocky islet off the coast of Trondhjem,
Munkholni—Denmark's St. Helena.
But the dance goes merrily in the palace hall; splendour and pomp are there; there is lively music, and courtiers and ladies dance there.
' Now comes the time of Frederick IV ! ' See the proud ships with the flag of victory ! See the
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