The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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rolling sea ! it can tell of great exploits, of the glories of Denmark. We remember the names, the victorious Sehested and Gyldenlowe ! We remember Hvitfeldt, who, to save the Danish fleet, blew up his ship, and flew to Heaven with the Danish flag. We think of the time, and the struggle of those days, and the hero who sprang from the Norwegian mountains to the defence of Denmark, Peter Tordenskjold. From the glorious surging sea, his name thunders from coast to coast.
There flashed a lightning through the powder-dust, A thunder rumbled through the whispering age ; A tailor-lad sprang from the tailor's board, From Norway's coast sailed out a little sloop, And over Northern seas there flew again The Viking spirit, youthful, girt with steel.
4 Then there came a fresh breeze from Greenland's coast, a fragrance as from the land of Bethlehem ; it bore tidings of the Gospel light kindled by Hans Egede and his wife.
' The half leaf here has therefore a gold ground ; the other half, which betokens sorrow, is ashen-grey with black specks, as if from fire sparks, as if from disease and pestilence.
* In Copenhagen the plague is raging. The streets are empty; the doors are barred, and round about are crosses marked with chalk ; inside is the plague, but where the cross is black, all are dead.
1 In the night the bodies are carried away, without the tolling-bell; they take the half-dead from the streets with them ; the army wagons rumble, they are filled with corpses. But from the ale-houses sound the horrid songs of the drunkard and wild shrieks. In drink they seek to forget their bitter distress ; they would forget, and endó end ! Everything comes to an end. Here the page ends with the second time of distress and trial for Copenhagen.
' King Frederick IV is still alive ; his hair has grown grey in the course of the years. From the window of the palace he looks out upon the stormy weather ; it is late in the year.
' In a little house by the Westgate a boy plays with his ball; it flies up into the garret. The little one takes a tallow-candle and goes up to search for it; he sets fire to