The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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1030              THE DAYS OF THE WEEK
Freia, and by way of change also Venus ; it depended on the language of the country in which she appeared. She was usually of a quiet happy nature, she said, but to-day she was dashing and free, for it was leap-year's day, and that brings freedom to woman ; by old custom she may then woo for herself, and need not wait to be wooed.
Saturday appeared as an old housekeeper with broom and cleaning-things. Her favourite dish was a broth made of the week's bread-crusts, but she did not demand that on this festive occasion it should be set on the table for all of them, but only that she herself might have it; and she got it.
And so the Days of the Week took their places at the table.
Here they are now described, all the seven, ready for use in tableaux for the family circle. In these they might be presented in the most amusing manner possible; we give them here only as a playful jest for February, the only month that gets an extra day given to it.
' Now J shall tell a story,' said the Wind.
1 No, excuse me,' said the Rain, ' now it is my turn ! You have stood long enough at the street corner and howled all that you could howl!'
1 Is that your thanks,' said the Wind, ' for my having, in your honour, turned many an umbrella outside in ; yes, even broken them, when people would have nothing to do with you ! '
' I am going to tell one,' said the Sunshine, * be quiet;' and it was said with dignity and majesty, so that the Wind laid itself down all its length, but the Rain drizzled in the Wind, and said, ' Must we stand this! She always breaks through, this Madam Sunshine. We shall not listen to her ! it is not worth the trouble to listen !'
And the Sunshine said :
There flew a swan over the rolling sea : every feather