The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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the policeman was inside, threatening them with a stick. Close by the orchestra could be seen the noble young couple in two old arm-chairs, which were usually occupied by his worship the mayor and his lady; but these latter were to-day obliged to content themselves with wooden forms, just as if they had been ordinary citizens; and the lady observed quietly to herself, " One sees, now, that there is rank above rank ; " and this incident gave an air of extra festivity to the whole proceedings. The chandelier gave little leaps, the crowd got their knuckles rapped, and I, the Moon, was present at the performance from beginning to end.*
Fifth Evening
' Yesterday,' began the Moon, ' I looked down upon the turmoil of Paris. My eye penetrated into an apartment of the Louvre. An old grandmother, poorly clad—she belonged to the working class—was following one of the under-servants into the great empty throne-room, for this was the apartment she wanted to see—that she was resolved to see ; it had cost her many a little sacrifice and many a coaxing word to penetrate thus far. She folded her thin hands, and looked round with an air of reverence, as if she had been in a church.
' " Here it was ! " she said, " here ! " And she ap­proached the throne, from which hung the rich velvet fringed with gold lace. " There," she exclaimed, " there ! " and she knelt and kissed the purple carpet. I think she was actually weeping.
' " But it was not this very velvet! " observed the footman, and a smile played about his mouth.
' " True, but it was this very place,'' replied the woman, " and it must have looked just like this."
*  " It looked so, and yet it did not," observed the man: " the windows were beaten in, and the doors were off their hinges, and there was blood upon the floor."
•  " But for all that you can say, my grandson died upon the throne of France." " Died ! " mournfully repeated the old woman.
' I do not think another word was spoken, and they soon quitted the hall. The evening twilight faded, and my light