The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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shone doubly vivid upon the rich velvet that covered the throne of France.
' Now, who do you think this poor woman was ? Listen, I will tell you a story.
1 It happened in the Revolution of July, on the evening of the most brilliantly victorious day, when every house was a fortress, every window a breastwork. The people stormed the Tuileries. Even women and children were to be found among the combatants. They penetrated into the apartments and halls of the palace. A poor half-grown boy in a ragged blouse fought among the older insurgents. Mortally wounded with several bayonet thrusts, he sank down. This happened in the throne-room. They laid the bleeding youth upon the throne of France, wrapped the velvet round his wounds, and his blood streamed forth upon the imperial purple. There was a picture ! the splendid hall, the righting groups ! A torn flag lay upon the ground, the tricolour was waving above the bayonets, and on the throne lay the poor lad with the pale glorified counten­ance, his eyes turned towards the sky, his limbs writhing in the death agony, his breast bare, and his poor tattered clothing half-hidden by the rich velvet embroidered with silver lilies. At the boy's cradle a prophecy had been spoken : " He will die on the throne of France ! " The mother's heart had fondly imagined a second Napoleon.
1 My beams have kissed the wreath of immortelles on his grave, and this night they kissed the forehead of the old grandame, while in a dream the picture floated before her which thou mayest draw—the poor boy on the throne of France.'
Sixth Evening
' I've been in Upsala,' said the Moon : ' I looked down upon the great plain covered with coarse grass, and upon the barren fields. I mirrored my face in the Fyris river, while the steamboat scared the fish into the rushes. Beneath me floated the clouds, thro wing long shadows on the so-called graves of Odin, Thor, and Frey. In the scanty turf that covers the grave-mounds, names have been cut. There is no monument here, no memorial on which the traveller can