The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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" but it has turned out rather wildly. The punctuation of the book, in particular, is very eccentric."
' " It will be good for him if we pull him to pieces, and anger him a little, otherwise he will get too good an opinion of himself."
' " But that would be unfair," objected the fourth. " Let us not carp at little faults, but rejoice over the real and abundant good that we find here : he surpasses all the rest."
I  " Not so. If he be a true genius, he can bear the sharp voice of censure. There are people enough to praise him. Don't let us quite turn his head."
' " Decided talent," wrote the editor, " with the usual carelessness. That he can write incorrect verses may be seen in page 25, where there are two false quantities. We recommend him to study the ancients, &c."
II went away,' continued the Moon, ' and looked through the windows in the aunt's house. There sat the be-praised poet, the tame one ; all the guests paid homage to him, and he was happy.
' I sought out the other poet, the wild one ; him also I found in a great assembly at his patron's, where the tame poet's book was being discussed.
1 " I shall read yours also," said Maecenas ; " but to speak honestly—you know I never hide my opinion from you—I don't expect much from it, for you are much too wild, too fantastic. But it must be allowed that, as a man, you are highly respectable."
' A young girl sat in a corner; and she read in a book these words :
" In the dust lies genius and glory But ev'ry-day talent will pay. It's only the old, old story, But the piece is repeated each day." '■
Fourteenth Evening
The Moon said, ' Beside the woodland path there are two small farm-houses. The doors are low, and some of the windows are placed quite high, and others close to the ground; and white-thorn and barberry bushes grow around them. The roof of each house is overgrown with moss and with