The Complete Fairy Tales & Other Stories
By Hans Christian Andersen - online book

Oxford Complete Illustrated Edition all his stories written between 1835 and 1872.

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' I will now give you a picture from Frankfort,' said the Moon. ' I especially noticed one building there. It was not the house in which Goethe was born, nor the old council-house, through whose grated windows peered the horns of the oxen that were roasted and given to, the people when the Emperors were crowned. No, it was a private house, plain in appearance, and painted green. It stood at the corner of the narrow Jews' Street. It was Rothschild's house.
11 looked through the open door. The staircase was brilliantly lighted: servants carrying wax candles in massive silver candlesticks stood there, and bowed low before an aged woman, who was being brought downstairs in a litter. The proprietor of the house stood bareheaded, and respectfully imprinted a kiss on the hand of the old woman. She was his mother. She nodded in a friendly manner to him and to the servants, and they carried her into the dark narrow street, into a little house that was her dwelling. Here her children had been born, from hence the fortune of the family had arisen. If she deserted the despised street and the little house, fortune would perhaps desert her children. That was her firm belief.'
The Moon told me no more ; his visit this evening was far too short. But I thought of the old woman in the narrow despised street. It would have cost her but a word, and a brilliant house would have arisen for her on the banks of the Thames—a word, and a villa would have been pre­pared in the Bay of Naples.
1 If I deserted the lowly house, where the fortunes of my sons first began to bloom, fortune would desert them ! ' It was a superstition, but a superstition of such a class, that he who knows the story and has seen this picture, need have only two words placed under the picture to make him understand it; and these two words are : ' A mother.'
Twenty-sixth Evening
' It was yesterday, in the morning twilight'—these are the words the Moon told me—' in the great city no chimney was yet smoking—and it was just at the chimneys that