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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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96               ANNE OF GREEN GABLES
real handsome auburn. I wouldn't be a mite surprised if yours did, too—not a mite."
"Oh, Mrs. Lynde!" Anne drew a long breath as she rose to her feet "You have given me a hope. I shall always feel that you are a benefactor. Oh, I could endure anything if I only thought my hair would be a handsome auburn when I grew up. It would be so much easier to be good if one's hair was a handsome auburn, don't you think? And now may I go out into your garden and sit on that bench under the apple-trees while you and Marilla are talking? There is so much more scope for imagination out there."
"Laws, yes, run along, child. And you can pick a bouquet of them white June lilies over in the corner if you like."
As the door closed behind Anne Mrs. Lynde got briskly up to light a lamp.
"She's a real odd little thing. Take this chair, Marilla; it's easier than the one you've got; I just keep that for the hired boy to sit on. Yes, she cer­tainly is an odd child, but there is something kind of taking about her after all. I don't feel so sur­prised at you and Matthew keeping her as I did— nor so sorry for you, either. She may turn out all right Of course, she has a queer way of express­ing herself—a little too—well, too kind of forcible, you know; but she'll likely get over that now that she's come to live among civilized folks. And then, her temper's pretty quick, I guess; but there's one comfort, a child that has a quick temper, just
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