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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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It was not until the next Friday that Manila heard the story of the flower-wreathed hat. She came home from Mrs. Lynde's and called Anne to account
"Anne, Mrs. Rachel says you went to church last Sunday with your hat rigged out ridiculous with roses and buttercups. What on earth put you up to such a caper ? A pretty-looking object you must have been!"
"Oh, I know pink and yellow aren't becoming to me," began Anne.
"Becoming fiddlesticks! It was putting flowers on your hat at all, no matter what colour they were, that was ridiculous. You are the most aggravating child!"
"I don't see why it's any more ridiculous to wear flowers on your hat than on your dress," protested Anne. "Lots of little girls there had bouquets pinned on their dresses. What was the difference?"
Marilla was not to be drawn from the safe concrete into dubious paths of the abstract.
"Don't answer me back like that, Anne. It was very silly of you to do such a thing. Never let me catch you at such a trick again. Mrs. Rachel says
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