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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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"Just look at the clock, if you please, Anne. What time did I tell you to come in ?"
"Two o'clockóbut isn't it splendid about the picnic, Marilla ? Please can I go ? Oh, I've never been to a picnicóI've dreamed of picnics, but I've neveró"
"Yes, I told you to come at two o'clock. And it's a quarter to three. I'd like to know why you didn't obey me, Anne."
"Why, I meant to, Marilla, as much as could be. But you have no idea how fascinating Idlewild is. And then, of course, I had to tell Matthew about the picnic. Matthew is such a sympathetic listener. Please can I go?"
"You'll have to learn to resist the fascination of Idle-whatever-you-call-it When I tell you to come in at a certain time I mean that time and not half an hour later. And you needn't stop to discourse with sympa≠thetic listeners on your way, either. As for the picnic, of course you can go. You're a Sunday-school scholar, and it's not likely I'd refuse to let you go when all the other little girls are going."
"Butóbut," faltered Anne, "Diana says that every≠body must take a basket of things to eat I can't cook, as you know, Marilla, andóandóI don't mind going to a picnic without puffed sleeves so much, but I'd feel terribly humiliated if I had to go without a basket It's been preying on my mind ever since Diana told me."
"Well, it needn't prey any longer. I'll bake you a basket"
"Oh, you dear good Marilla. Oh, you are so kind to me. Oh, I'm so much obliged to you."
Getting through with her "ohs" Anne cast herself
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