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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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The next afternoon Anne, bending over her patch­work at the kitchen window, happened to glance out and beheld Diana down by the Dryad's Bubble beckon­ing mysteriously. In a trice Anne was out of the house and flying down to the hollow, astonishment and hope struggling in her expressive eyes. But the hope faded when she saw Diana's dejected countenance.
"Your mother has relented ?" she gasped.
Diana shook her head mournfully.
"No; and oh, Anne, she says I'm never to play with you again. I've cried and cried and I told her it wasn't your fault, but it wasn't any use. I had ever such a time coaxing her to let me come down and say good­bye to you. She said I was only to stay ten minutes and she's timing me by the clock."
"Ten minutes isn't very long to say an eternal fare­well in," said Anne tearfully. "Oh, Diana, will you promise faithfully never to forget me, the friend of your youth, no matter what dearer friends may caress thee?"
"Indeed I will," sobbed Diana, "and I'll never have another bosom friend—I don't want to have. I couldn't love anybody as I love you."
"Oh, Diana," cried Anne, clasping her hands, "do you love me?"
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