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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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she mourned to Marilla that night. But the next morn­ing a note, most fearfully and wonderfully twisted and folded, and a small parcel, were passed across to Anne.
"Dear Anne," ran the former, "Mother says I'm not to play with you or talk to you even in school. It isn't my fault and don't be cross at me, because I love you as much as ever. I miss you awfully to tell all my secrets to and I don't like Gertie Pye one bit. I made you one of the new bookmarkers out of red tissue paper. They are awfully fashionable now and only three girls in school know how to make them. When you look at it remember •
"Your true friend,
"Diana Barry."
Anne read the note, kissed the bookmark, and des­patched a prompt reply back to the other side of the school.
"Of course I am not cross at you because you have to obey your mother. Our spirits can comune. I shall keep your lovely present forever. Minnie Andrews is a very nice little girl—although she has no imagina­tion—but after having been Diana's busum friend I cannot be Minnie's. Please excuse mistakes because my spelling isn't very good yet, although much im-prooved.
"Yours until death us do part, "Anne or Cordelia Shirley.
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