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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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ANNE TO THE RESCUE               179
Matthew would have thought anyone who praised Anne was "all right."
"I'm sure I'd get on better with geometry if only he wouldn't change the letters," complained Anne. "I learn the proposition off by heart, and then he draws it on the blackboard and puts different letters from what are in the book and I get all mixed up. I don't think a teacher should take such a mean advantage, do you? We're studying agriculture now and I've found out at last what makes the roads red. It's a great comfort. I wonder how Marilla and Mrs. Lynde are enjoying themselves. Mrs. Lynde says Canada is going to the dogs the way things are being run at Ottawa, and that it's an awful warning to the electors. She says if women were allowed to vote we would soon see a blessed change. What way do you vote, Mat≠thew?"
"Conservative," said Matthew promptly. To vote Conservative was a part of Matthew's religion.
"Then I'm Conservative too," said Anne decidedly. "I'm glad, because Gilóbecause some of the boys in school are Grits. I guess Mr. Phillips is a Grit too, because Prissy Andrews' father is one, and Ruby Gillis says that when a man is courting he always has to agree with the girl's mother in religion and her father in politics. Is that true, Matthew?"
"Well now, I dunno," said Matthew.
"Did you ever go courting, Matthew ?"
"Well now, no, I dunno's I ever did," said Matthew, who had certainly never thought of such a thing in his whole existence.
Anne reflected with her chin in her hands.
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