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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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soon as possible, because I have something important to reveal.' Diana has just signalled five flashes, and I'm really suffering to know what it is."
"Well, you needn't suffer any longer," said Manila Sarcastically. "You can go, but you're to be back here in just ten minutes, remember that"
Anne did remember it and was back in the stipulated time, although probably no mortal will ever know just what it cost her to confine the discussion of Diana's im­portant communication within the limits of ten minutes. But at least she had made good use of them.
"Oh, Manila, what do you think? You know to­morrow is Diana's birthday. Well, her mother told her she could ask me to go home with her from school and stay all night with her. And her cousins are com­ing over from Newbridge in a big pung sleigh to go to the Debating Club concert at the hall to-morrow night. And they are going to take Diana and me to the con­cert—if you'll let me go, that is. You will, won't you, Marilla? Oh, I feel so excited."
"You can calm down then, because you're not going. You're better at home in your own bed, and as for that Club concert, it's all nonsense, and little girls should not be allowed to go out to such places at all."
"I'm sure the Debating Club is a most respectable affair," pleaded Anne.
"I'm not saying it isn't But you're not going to begin gadding about to concerts and staying out all hours of the night. Pretty doings for children. I'm surprised at Mrs. Barry's letting Diana go."
"But it's such a very special occasion," mourned Anne, on the verge of tears. "Diana has only one
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