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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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going to take part. Everybody in school over nine years of age expected to go, except Carrie Sloane, whose father shared Manila's opinions about small girls going out to night concerts. Carrie Sloane cried into her grammar all the afternoon and felt that life was not worth living.
For Anne the real excitement began with the dis­missal of school and increased therefrom in crescendo until it reached to a crash of positive ecstacy in the con­cert itself. They had a "perfectly elegant tea;" and then came the delicious occupation of dressing in Diana's little room up-stairs. Diana did Anne's front hair in the new pompadour style and Anne tied Diana's bows with the especial knack she possessed; and they experimented with at least half a dozen different ways of arranging their back hair. At last they were ready, cheeks scarlet and eyes glowing with excitement.
True, Anne could not help a little pang when she contrasted her plain black tarn and shapeless, tight-sleeved, home-made gray cloth coat with Diana's jaunty fur cap and smart little jacket. But she re­membered in time that she had an imagination and could use it.
Then Diana's cousins, the Murrays from New­bridge, came; they all crowded into the big pung sleigh, among straw and furry robes. Anne revelled in the drive to the hall, slipping along over the satin-smooth roads with the snow crisping under the runners. There was a magnificent sunset, and the snowy hills and deep blue water of the St. Lawrence Gulf seemed to rim in the splendour like a huge bowl of pearl and sapphire brimmed with wine and fire. T.inkles of sleigh-bells,
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