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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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pompadour, big, rolling brown eyes, and a most ex­tensive and bewildering smile. She was dressed with extensive smartness and wore several bangle bracelets that glittered and rattled and tinkled with every move­ment of her hands. Matthew was covered with con­fusion at finding her there at all; and those bangles completely wrecked his wits at one fell swoop.
"What can I do for you this evening, Mr. Cuth-bert?" Miss Lucilla Harris inquired, briskly and in­gratiatingly, tapping the counter with both hands.
"Have you any—any—any—well now, say any garden rakes ?" stammered Matthew.
Miss Harris looked somewhat surprised, as well she might, to hear a man inquiring for garden rakes in the middle of December.
"I believe we have one or two left over," she said, "but they're up-stairs in the lumber-room. I'll go and see.
During her absence Matthew collected his scattered senses for another effort.
When Miss Harris returned with the rake and cheer­fully inquired: "Anything else to-night, Mr. Cuth-bert?" Matthew took his courage in both hands and replied: "Well now, since you suggest it, I might as well—take—that is—look at—buy some—some hay­seed."
Miss Harris had heard Matthew Cuthbert called odd. She now concluded that he was entirely crazy.
"We only keep hayseed in the spring," she explained loftily. "We've none on hand just now."
"Oh, certainly—certainly—just as you say," stam­mered unhappy Matthew, seizing the rake and making
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