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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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I started in, and my voice seemed to be coming from ever so far away. I just felt like a parrot. It's prov­idential that I practised those recitations so often up in the garret, or I'd never have been able to get through. Did I groan all right?"
"Yes, indeed, you groaned lovely," assured Diana,
"I saw old Mrs. Sloane wiping away tears when I sat down. It was splendid to think I had touched somebody's heart It's so romantic to take part in a concert, isn't it? Oht it's been a very memorable occasion indeed."
"Wasn't the boys' dialogue fine ?" said Diana. "Gil­bert BIythe was just splendid. Anne, I do think it's awful mean the way you treat Gil. Wait till I tell you. When you ran off the platform after the fairy dialogue one of your roses fell out of your hair. I saw Gil pick it up and put it in his breast-pocket. There now. You're so romantic that I'm sure you ought to be pleased at that"
"It's nothing to me what that person does," said Anne loftily. "I simply never waste a thought on him, Diana."
That night Marilla and Matthew, who had been out to a concert for the first time in twenty years, sat for awhile by the kitchen fire after Anne had gone to bed.
"Well now, I guess our Anne did as well as any of them," said Matthew proudly.
"Yes, she did," admitted Marilla. "She's a bright child, Matthew. And she looked real nice, too. I've been kind of opposed to this concert scheme, but I suppose there's no real harm in it after all. Anyhow,
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