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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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"Oh, Anne—we thought—you were—drowned— and we felt like murderers—because we had made —you be—Elaine. And Ruby is in hysterics—oh, Anne, how did you escape?"
"I climbed up on one of the piles," explained Anne wearily, "and Gilbert Blythe came along in Mr. Andrews' dory and brought me to land."
"Oh, Anne, how splendid of him! Why, it's so romantic!" said Jane, finding breath enough for utterance at last. "Of course you'll speak to him after this."
"Of course I won't," flashed Anne with a mo­mentary return of her old spirit "And I don't want ever to hear the word romantic again, Jane An­drews. I'm awfully sorry you were so frightened, girls. It is all my fault. I feel sure I was born under an unlucky star. Everything I do gets me or my dearest friends into a scrape. We've gone and lost your father's flat, Diana, and I have a presentiment that we'll not be allowed to row on the pond any more."
Anne's presentiment proved more trustworthy than presentiments are apt to do. Great was the consternation in the Barry and Cuthbert house­holds when the events of the afternoon became known.
"Will you ever have any sense, Anne?" groaned Manila.
"Oh, yes, I think I will, Marilla," returned Anne optimistically. A good cry, indulged in the grateful solitude of the east gable, had soothed her nerves and restored her to her wonted cheerfulness. "Jj
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