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The first Story in the Series with Anne Shirley at age 11 to 16

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hold Diana coming through the gate that led into the Barry field and looking so important that Anne instantly divined there was news to be told. But betray too eager curiosity she would not.
"Isn't this evening just like a purple dream, Diana? It makes me so glad to be jlive. In the mornings I always think the mornings are best; but when evening comes I think it's lovelier still."
"It's a very fine evening," said Diana, "but oh, I have such news, Anne. Guess. You can have three guesses."
"Charlotte Gillis is going to be married in the church after all and Mrs. Allan wants us to deco­rate it," cried Anne.
"No. Charlotte's beau won't agree to that, be­cause nobody ever has been married in the church yet, and he thinks it would seem too much like a funeral. It's too mean, because it would be such fun. Guess again."
"Jane's mother is going to let her have a birth­day party?"
Diana shook her head, her black eyes dancing with merriment.
"I can't think what it can be," said Anne in despair, "unless it's that Moody Spurgeon MacPher-son saw you home from prayer-meeting last night. Did he?"
"I should think not," exclaimed Diana indig­nantly. "I wouldn't be likely to boast of it if he did, the horrid creature! I knew you couldn't guess it. Mother had a letter from Aunt Josephine to­day, and Aunt Josephine wants you and me to go
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