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Children's Classic Fairy Tales From The East, Edited By Andrew Lang

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appeared at this moment, and seeing that she had lost her prey, she said to him, ' Do not be afraid. What do you want?'
'I am lost,' he answered, ' and I am looking for the road.'
' Keep straight on,' said the ogress, ' and you will find it'
The prince could hardly believe his ears, and rode off as hard as he could. He found his way, and arrived safe and sound at his father's house, where he told him of the danger he had run because of the grand-vizir's carelessness. The king was very angry, and had him strangled immediately.
' Sire,' went on the vizir to the Greek king, ' to return to the physician, Douban. If you do not take care, you will repent of having trusted him. Who knows that this remedy, with which he has cured you, may not in time have a bad effect on you ? '
The Greek king was naturally very weak, and did not perceive the wicked intention of his vizir, nor was he firm enough to keep to his first resolution.
k Well, vizir,' he said, ' you are right. Perhaps he did come to take my life. He might do it by the mere smell of one of his drugs. I must see what can be done.'
' The best means, sire, to put your life in security, is to send for him at once, and to cut off his head directly he comes,' said the vizir.
' I really think,' replied the king, l that will be the best way.'
He then ordered one of his ministers to fetch the physician, who came at once.
'I have had you sent for,' said the king, ' in order to free myself from you by taking your life.'
The physician was beyond measure astonished when he heard he was to die.
'What crime have I committed, your majesty?'
'I have learnt,' replied the king. ' that you are a spy,
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