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Children's Classic Fairy Tales From The East, Edited By Andrew Lang

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74                   THE ARABIAN NIGHTS
subject when I was joined by this other calender, who stopped to greet me. ' You, like me, appear to be a stranger,' I said. He replied that I was right, and before he could say more the third calender came up. He, also, was newly arrived in Bagdad, and being brothers in mis­fortune, we resolved to cast in our lots together, and to share whatever fate might have in store.
By this time it had grown late, and we did not know where to spend the night. But our lucky star having guided us to this door, we took the liberty of knocking and of asking for shelter, which was given to us at once with the best grace in the world.
This, madam, is my story.
;I am satisfied,' replied Zobeida; 'you can go when you like.'
The calender, however, begged leave to stay and to hear the histories of his two friends and of the three other persons of the company, which he was allowed to do.
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