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306               THE ARABIAN NIGHTS
diamonds and rubies. There must be stables and horses and grooms and slaves ; go and see about it I'
The palace was finished by next day, and the genie carried him there and showed him all his orders faithfully carried out, even to the laying of a velvet carpet from Aladdin's palace to the Sultan's. Aladdin's mother then dressed herself carefully, and walked to the palace with her slaves, while he followed her on horseback- The Sultan sent musicians with trumpets and cymbals to meet them, so that the air resounded with music and cheers. She was taken to the princess, who saluted her and treated her with great honour. At night the princess said good-bye to her father, and set out on the carpet for Aladdin's palace, with his mother at her side, and followed by the hundred slaves. She was charmed at the sight of Aladdin, who ran to receive her.
' Princess,' he said, ' blame your beauty for my bold­ness if I have displeased you.'
She told him that, having seen him, she willingly obeyed her father in this matter. After the wedding had taken place Aladdin led her into the hall, where a feast was spread, and she supped with him, after which they danced till midnight.
Next day Aladdin invited the Sultan to see the palace. On entering the hall with the four-and-twenty windows, with their rubies, diamonds, and emeralds, he cried:
' It is a world's wonder! There is only one thing that surprises me. Was it by accident that one window was left unfinished?'
' No, sir, by design,' returned Aladdin. ' I wished your Majesty to have the glory of finishing this palace.'
The Sultan was pleased, and sent for the best jewellers in the city. He showed them the unfinished window, and bade them fit it up like the others.
' Sir,' replied their spokesman, ' we cannot find jewels enough.'
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