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Children's Classic Fairy Tales From The East, Edited By Andrew Lang

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310               THE ARABIAN NIGHTS
stay his hand. The people, indeed, looked so threatening that the Sultan gave way and ordered Aladdin to be unbound, and pardoned him in the sight of the crowd.
Aladdin now begged to know what he had done.
' False wretch 1' said the Sultan, ' come hither,' and showed him from the window the place where his palace had stood.
Aladdin was so amazed that he could not say a word.
'Where is my palace and my daughter?' demanded the Sultan. ' For the first I am not so deeply concerned, but my daughter I must have, and you must find her or lose your head.'
Aladdin begged for forty days in which to find her, promising if he failed to return and suffer death at the Sultan's pleasure. His prayer was granted, and he went forth sadly from the Sultan's presence. For three days he wandered about like a madman, asking everyone what had become of his palace, but they only laughed and pitied him. He came to the banks of a river, and knelt down to say his prayers before throwing himself in. In so doing he rubbed the magic ring he still wrore.
The genie he had seen in the cave appeared, and asked his will.
' Save my life, genie,' said Aladdin, ' and bring my palace back.'
' That is not in my power,' said the genie ; ' I am only the slave of the ring, you must ask the slave of the lamp.'
' Even so,' said Aladdin, ' but thou canst take me to the palace, and set me down under my dear wife's window.' He at once found himself in Africa, under the window of the princess, and fell asleep out of sheer weariness.
He was awakened by the singing of the birds, and his heart was lighter. He saw plainly that all his misfortunes were owing to the loss of the lamp, and vainly wondered who had robbed him of it.
That morning the princess rose earlier than she had done since she had been carried into Africa by the
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