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and point them out to me, I beg you, for I wish to carry them away.'
For some reason that the princess could not guess these words seemed to displease the bird, and he did not answer. The princess waited a moment, and then con­tinued in severe tones, ' Have you forgotten that you yourself said that you are my slave to do my bidding, and also that your life is in my power?'
' No, I have not forgotten,' replied the bird, ' but what you ask is very difficult. However, I will do my best. If you look round,' he went on, 'you will see a pitcher standing near. Take it, and, as you go down the moun­tain, scatter a little of the water it contains over every black stone and you will soon find your two brothers.'
Princess Parizade took the pitcher, and, carrying with her besides the cage the twig and the flask, returned down the mountain side. At every black stone she stopped and sprinkled it with water, and as the water touched it the stone instantly became a man. When she suddenly saw her brothers before her her delight was mixed with astonishment.
' Why, what are you doing here ? ' she cried.
' We have been asleep,' they said.
' Yes,' returned the princess, ' but without me your sleep would probably have lasted till the day of judg­ment. Have you forgotten that you came here in search of the Talking Bird, the Singing Tree, and the Golden Water, and the black stones that were heaped up along the road? Look round and see if there is one left. These gentlemen, and yourselves, and all your horses were changed into these stones, and I have delivered you by sprinkling you with the water from this pitcher. As I could not return home without you, even though I had gained the prizes on which I had set my heart, I forced the Talking Bird to tell me how to break the spell.'
On hearing these words Prince Bahman and Prince Perviz understood all they owed their sister, and the
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