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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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" Well, I don't think she does find pleasure," said Mer-rylegs; "it is just a bad habit; she says no one was ever kind to her, and why should she not bite ? Of course it is a very bad habit, but I am sure if all she says be true she must have been very ill-used before she came here. John does all he can to please her, and James does all he can, and our master never uses a whip if a horse acts right, so I think she might be good-tempered here; you see," he said, with a wise look, " I am twelve years old, I know a great deal, and I can tell you there is not a better place for a horse all around the country than this. John is the best groom that ever was ; he has been here fourteen years; and you never saw such a kind boy as James is; so that it is all Ginger's own fault that she did not stay in that box."
The name of the coachman was John Manly ; he had a wife and one little child, and they lived in the coachman's cottage, very near the stables.
The next morning he took me into the yard and gave me a good grooming, and just as I was going into my box, with my coat soft and bright, the Squire came in to look at me, and seemed pleased. " John," he said, " I meant to have tried the new horse this morning, but I have other business. You may as well take him around after break­fast; go by the common and the Highwood, and back by the water-mill and the river; that will show his paces."
I will, sir," said John. After breakfast he came and fitted me with a bridle. He was very particular in letting out and taking in the straps, to fit my head comfortablv; then he brought a saddle, but it was not broad enough for
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