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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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you it is a life-long wrong and a life-long loss; but, thank Heaven, they don't do it now."
" What did they do it for, then?" said Ginger.
"For fashion!" said the old horse, with a stamp of his foot; "for fashion!" if you know what that means; there was not a well-bred young horse in my time that had not his tail docked in that shameful way, just as if the good
"The Master on Ginger, the Mistress on Me."
God that made us did not know what we wanted, and what looked best."
" I suppose it is the fashion that makes them strap our heads up with those horrid bits that I was tortured with in London," said Ginger.
" Of course it is," said he. " To my mind fashion is one of the wickedest things in the world. Now look, for in­stance, at the way they serve dogs, cutting off their tails to make them look plucky, and shearing up their pretty little ears to a point to make them look sharp, forsooth. I had a dear friend once, a brown terrier. (Skye,' they called
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