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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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her. She was so fond of me that she never would sleep out of my stall; she made her bed under the manger, and there she had a litter of five as pretty little puppies as need be; none were drowned, for they were a valuable kind, and how pleased she was with them ! and when they got their eyes open and crawled about it was a real pretty sight. But one day the man came and took them ail away. I thought he might be afraid I should tread upon them. But it was not so; in the evening poor Skye brought them back again, one by one, in her mouth; not the happy little things that they were, but bleeding and crying piti­fully ; they had all had a piece of their tails cut off, and the soft flap of their pretty little ears was cut quite off. How their mother licked them, and how troubled she was, poor thing! I never forgot it. They healed in time, and they forgot the pain, but the nice soft flap, that of course was intended to protect the delicate part of their ears from dust and injury, ivas gone forever. Why donH they cut their own children's ears into points to make them look sharp ? Why don't they cut the ends of their noses to make them look plucky ? one would be just as sensible as the other. What right have they to torment and disfigure God's creatures ?"
Sir Oliver, though he was so gentle, was a fiery old fel­low, and what he said was all so new to me and so dread­ful, that I found a bitter feeling toward men rise up in mji mind that I never had before. Of course Ginger was very much excited ; she flung up her head with flashing eyes and distended nostrils, declaring that men were both brutes and blockheads.
"Who talks about blockheads ?" said Merrylegs, who just came up from the old apple-tree, where he had been rubbing himself against the low branch. " Who talks about blockheads? I believe that is a bad word."
" Bad Avords were made for bad things," said Ginger, and she told him what Sir Oliver had said.
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