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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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pretty creature back with force almost enougn to break its jaw, while the whip still cut into him. It was a dread­ful sight to me, for I knew what fearful pain it gave that delicate little mouth; but master gave me the word, and we were up with him in a second.
" Sawyer," he cried in ft stern voice, " is that pony made of flesh and blood ?"
" Flesh and blood, and temper," he said ; " he's too fond of his own will, and that won't suit me." He spoke as if he was in a strong passion; he was a builder, who had often been to the Park on business.
" And do you think," said master, sternly, " that treat­ment like this will make him fond of your will?"
" He had no business to make that turn; his road was straight on I" said the man roughly.
" You have often driven that pony up to my place," said master; "it only shows the creature's memory and intelligence; how did he know that you were not going there again ? But that has little to do with it. I must say, Mr, Sawyer, that more unmanly, brutal treatment of a little pony it was never my painful lot to witness; and by giving way to such passion you injure your own charac­ter as much, nay, more, than you injure your horse; and remember, we shall all have to be judged according to our works, whether they be toward man or toward beast."
Master rode me home slowly, and I could tell by his voice how the thing had grieved him. He was just as free to speak to gentlemen of his own rank as to those be­low him; for another day, when we were out, we met a Captain Langley, a friend of our master's ; he was driving a splendid pair of grays in a kind of brake. After a little conversation the Captain said :
"What do you think of my new team, Mr. Douglas? You know you are the judge of horses in these parts, and I should like your opinion."
The master backed me a little, so as to get a good view
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