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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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" Have you seen my boy ?" said Mr. Bushby, as we came up ; " he went out an hour ago on my black pony, and the creature is just come back without a rider."
" I should think, sir," said John," he had better be without a rider, unless he can be ridden properly."
" What do you mean?" said the farmer.
" Well, sir, I saw your son whipping, and kicking, and knocking that good little pony about shamefully, because he would not leap a gate that was too high for him. The pony behaved well, sir, and showed no vice; but at last he just threw up his heels, and tipped the young gentle­man into the thorn hedge; he wanted me to help him out; but, I hope you will excuse me, sir, I did not feel in­clined to do so. There's no bones broken, sir, he'll only get a few scratches. I love horses, and it riles me to see them badly used; it is a bad plan to aggravate an animal till he uses his heels; the first time is not always the last."
During this time the mother began to cry, " Oh, my poor Bill, I must go and meet him; he must be hurt."
" You had better go into the house, wife," said the far­mer ; " Bill wants a lesson about this, and I must see that he gets it; this is not the first time, nor the second, that he has ill-used that pony, and I shall stop it. I am much obliged to you, Manly. Good-evening."
So he went on, John chuckling all the way home; then he told James about it, who laughed and said, " Served him right. I knew that boy at school; he took great airs on himself because he was a farmer's son; he used to swagger about and bully the little boys; of course we elder ones would not have any of that nonsense, and let him know that in the school and the playground farmers' sons and laborers' sons were all alike. I well remember one day, just before afternoon school, I found him at a large window catching flies and pulling off their wings. He did not see me, and I gave him a box on the ears that laid him sprawling on the floor. Well, angry as I was, I
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