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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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" Come, Beauty, on with your bridle, my boy; we will soon be out of this smother." It was on in no time; then he took the scarf off his neck and tied it lightly over my eyes, and patting and coaxing, he led me out of the stable. Safe in the yard, he slipped the scarf off my eyes and shouted, " Here, somebody 1 take this horse while I go back for the other."
A tall, broad man stepped forward and took me, and James darted back in the stable. I set up a shrill whinny as I saw him go. Ginger told me afterwards, that whinny was the best thing I could have done for her, for had she not heard me outside she would never have had courage to come out.
There was much confusion in the yard, the horses be­ing got out of other stables, and the carriages and gigs being pulled out of houses and sheds, lest the flames should spread further. On the other side of the yard windows were thrown up, and the people were shouting all sorts of things; but I kept my eye fixed on the stable door, where the smoke poured out thicker than ever, and I could see flashes of red light; presently I heard above all the stir and din a loud, clear voice, which I knew was master's:
"James Howard! James Howard! Are you there?"
There was no answer, but I heard a crash of something falling in the stable, and the next moment I gave a loud, joyful neigh, for I saw James coming through the smoke leading Ginger with him; she was coughing violently, and he was not able to speak.
"My brave lad!" said master, laying his hand on his shoulder, "are you hurt?"
James shook his head, for he could not yet speak.
" Ay," said the big man who held me; " he is a brave lad, and no mistake."
" And now," said master, " when you have got your breath, James, we'll get out of this place as quickly as
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