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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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JOHN MANLY* S TALK,                                71
like a father to me, and took no end of pains with me. When the old man died some years after, I stepped into his place, and now of course I have top wages, and can lay by for a rainy day or a sunny day, as it may happen, and Nelly is as happy as a bird. So you see, James, I am not the man that should turn up his nose at a little boy, and vex a good, kind master. No, no ! I shall miss you very much, James, but we shall pull through, and there's nothing like doing a kindness when His put in your way, and 1 am glad 1 can do it."
" Then," said James, " you don't hold with that saying, 1 Everybody look after himself, and take care of number one.'"
" No, indeed," said John ; " where should I and Nelly have been if master and mistress and old Norman had only taken care of number one ? Why, she in the work­house and I hoeing turnips ! Where would Black Beauty and Ginger have been if you had only thought of number one? Why, roasted to death! No, Jim, no! that is a selfish, heathenish saying, whoever uses it; and any man who thinks he has nothing to do but take care of number one, why, it's a pity but what he had been drowned like a puppy or kitten before he got his eyes open—that's what I think," said John, with a very decided jerk of his head.
James laughed at this; but there was a ftiickness in his voice when he said, " You have been my best friend ex­cept my mother; I hope you won't forget me."
" No, lad, no!" said John, " and if ever I can do you a good turn, I hope you won't forget me."
The next day Joe came to the stables to learn all he could before James left. He learned to sweep the stable, to bring in the straw and hay ; he began to clean the har­ness, and helped to wash the carriage. As he was quite too short to do anything in the way of grooming Ginger and me, James taught him upon Merrylegs, for he was to have full charge of him, under John. He was a nice
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