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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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86                                   BLACK BEAUTY.
like herself; we must keep up hope, sir." Master gave John his hand, but he did not speak, and they both left the stable.
The last sad day had come; the footman and the heavy luggage had gone off the day before, and there were only master and mistress and her maid. Ginger and I brought the carriage up to the Hall door for the last time. The servants brought out cushions and rugs and many other things, and when all were arranged, master came down the steps carrying the mistress in his arms (I wTas on the side next the house, and could see all that went on); he placed her carefully in the carriage, while the house-ser≠vants stood round crying,
" Good-bye again," he said; " we shall not forget any of you," and he got in. " Drive on, John."
Joe jumped up, and we trotted slowly through the park and through the village, where the people were standing at their doors to have a last look and to say, " God bless them."
When we reached the railway station, I think mistress wralked from the carriage to the waiting-room. I heard her say in her own sweet voice, " Goodbye, John. God bless you." I felt the rein twitch, but John made no an≠swer; perhaps he could not speak. As soon as Joe had taken the things out of the carriage, John called him to stand by the horses while he went on the platform. Poor Joe! he stood close up to our heads to hide his tears. Very soon the train came puffing up into the station; then two or three minutes and the doors were slammed to, the guard whistled, and the train glided away, leaving behind it only clouds of white smoke and some very heavy hearts.
When it was quite out of sight, John came back.
" We shall never see her again," he saidó" never." He took the reins, mounted the box, and with Joe drove slowly home; but it was not our home now,
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