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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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RUINED, ANT GOING DOWNHILL,                   107
most riders. Witi. high spirit, she strained herself to the utmost; she came in with the first three horses, but her wind was touched, beside which he was too heavy for her, and her back was strained. "And so," she said, "here we are, ruined in the prime of our youth and strength, you by a drunkard and I by a fool; it is very'
"I was Shipped Off."
hard." We both felt in ourselves that we were not what we had been. However, that did not spoil the pleasure we had in each other's company; we did not gal­lop around as we once did, but we used to feed and lie down together, and stand for hours under one of the shady lime-trees with our heads close to each other; and so we passed our time until the family returned from town. One day we saw the Earl come into the meadow, and
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