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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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and Borne time after this she was sold to two ladies who themselves drove, and wanted a safe, good horse.
I met her several times out in the country, going a good, steady pace, and looking as gay and contented as a horse could be. I was very glad to see her, for she deserved a good place.
After she left us, another horse came in her stead. He was young, and had a bad name for shying and starting, by which he had lost a good place. I asked him what made him shy.
" Well, I hardly know," he said. " I was timid when I was young, and was a good deal frightened several times, and if I saw anything strange I used to turn and look at it—you see with our blinkers one can't see or understand what a thing is unless one looks around—and then my master always gave me a whipping, which, of course, made me start on, and did not make me less afraid. I think if he would have let me just look at things quietly, and see that there was nothing to hurt me, it would have been all right, and I should have got used to them. One day an old gen­tleman was riding with him, and a large piece of white paper or rag blew across just on one side of me. I shied and started forward. My master as usual whipped me smartly, but the old man cried out, * You're wrong ! you're wrong! You should never whip a horse for shying; he shies because he is frightened, and you only frighten him more and make the habit worse.' So I suppose all men don't do so. I am sure I don't want to shy for the sake of it; but should one know what is dangerous and what is not, if one is never allowed to get used to anything ? I am never afraid of what I know. Now, I was brought up in a park where there were deer; of course I knew them as well as I did a sheep or a cow, but they are not com­mon, and I know many sensible horses who are fright­ened at them, and who kick up quite a shindy before they will pass a paddock where there are deer."
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