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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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A HORSE FAIR.                                   127
sad sights for a horse to look upon, who knows not but he may come to the same state.
There was a great deal of bargaining, of running up and beating down; and, if a horse may speak his mind so far as he understands, I should say there were more lies told and
"Showing off their Paces."
more trickery at that horse fair than a clever turn could give an account of. I was put with two or three other strong, use­ful-looking horses, and a good many people came to look at us. The gentlemen always turned from me when they saw my broken knees, though the man who had me swore it was only a slip in the stall.
The first thing was to pull my mouth open, then to look
?at my eyes, then feel all the way down my legs and give
me a hard feel of the skin and flesh, and then try my
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