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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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last, in passing through one, we came to a long cab stand, when my rider called out in a cheery voice, " Good-night, Governor!"
" Halloo!" cried a voice. " Have you got a good one?"
" I think so," replied my owner.
" I .wish you luck with him."
" Thank ye. Governor," and he rode on. We soon turned up one of the side-streets, and about half-way up that we turned into a very narrow street with rather poor-looking houses on one side, and what seemed to be coach­houses and stables on the other.
My owner pulled up at one of the houses and whistled. The door flew open and a young woman, followed by a little girl and boy, ran out. There was a very lively greet­ing as my rider dismounted.
" Now then, Harry, my boy, open the gates, and mother will bring us the lantern."
The next minute they were all standing round me in a email stable yard.
"Is he gentle, father?"
" Yes, Dolly, as gentle as your own kitten; come and pat him."
At once the little hand was patting about over my shoul­der without fear. How good it felt!
" Let me get him a bran mash while you rub him down," said the mother.
" Do, Polly, it's just what he wants; and I know you've got a beautiful mash ready for me."
"Sausage dumpling and apple turnover!" shouted the boy, which set them all laughing. I was led into a com­fortable, clean-smelling stall with plenty of dry straw, and after a capital supper I lay down, thinking I was going to be happy.
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