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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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I never knew a better was kind and good, and
man than my new master. He s strong for the right as John
Manly; and so good-tem-
pered and merry, that very few people could pick a quarrel with him. He was very fond of making little songs, and singing them to himself. One he was very fond of was this :
" Come, father and mother, And sister and brother, Come all of you, turn to And help one another."
And so they did ; Harry
was as clever at stable-work
as a much older boy, and
always wanted to do what
he could. Then Polly and
Dolly used to come in the
morning to help with the
cab—to brush and beat the
cushions, and rub the glass,
while Jerry was giving us a
Jerry Barker."
cleaning in the yard, and
Harry was rubbing the har-
mess. There used to be a
great deal of laughing and fun
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