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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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146                              BLACK BEAUTY.
" Look here, mates," said Jerry, " the gentleman offered me half-a-crown extra, but I didn't take it; 'twas quite pay enough for me to see how glad he was to catch that train; and if Jack and I choose to have a quick run now aud then, to please ourselves, that's our business and not yours."
" Well," said Larry, " you'll never be a rich man."
"Most likely not," said Jerry, "but I don't know that I shall be the less happy for that. I have heard the Commandments read a great many times, and I never noticed that any of them said k Thou shalt be rich;' and there are a good many curious things said in the New Testament about rich men that I think would make me feel rather queer if I was one of them."
" If you ever do get rich," said Governor Gray, looking over his shoulder across the top of his cab, " you'll deserve it, Jerry, and you won't find a curse come with your wealth. As for you, Larry, you'll die poor; you spend too> much in whipcord."
" Well," said Larry, " what is a fellow to do if his horse.' won't go without it?"
" You never take the trouble to see if he will go without it; your whip is always going as if you had the St. Vitus' dance in your arm; and if it does not wear you out it wears your horse out. You know you are always chang­ing your horses, and why? because you never give them any peace or encouragement."
" Well, I have not had good luck," said Larry; " that's where it is."
"And you never will," said the Governor. " Good Luck is rather particular who she rides with, and mostly prefers those who have got common sense and a good heart; at least, that is my experience."
Governor Gray turned round again to his newspaper, and the other men went to their gabs.
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