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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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" If they are not better," put in Jerry, " it is because they are not religious. You might as well say that our country's laws are not good because some people break them. If a man gives way to his temper, and speaks evil of his neighbor, and does not pay his debts, he is not re­ligious, I don't care how much he goes to church. If some men are shams and humbugs, that does not make religion untrue. Real religion is the best and the truest thing in the world, and the only thing that can make a man really happy, or make the world any better."
" If religion was good for anything," said Jones, " it would prevent your religious people from making us work on Sundays, as you know many of them do, and that's why I say religion is nothing but a sham; why, if it was not for the church and chapel-goers it would be hardly worth while our coming out on a Sunday; but they have their privileges, as they call them, and I go without. I shall expect them to answer for my soul, if I can't get a chance of saving it."
Several of the men applauded this, till Jerry said,—
"That may sound well enough, but it won't do; every man must look after his own soul; you can't lay it down at another man's door like a foundling, and expect him to take care of it; and, don't you see, if you are always sit­ting on your box waiting for a fare, they will say, ' If we don't take him some one else will, and he does not look for any Sunday.' Of course they don't go to the bottom of it, or they would see if they never came for a cab it would be no use your standing there; but people don't always like to go to the bottom of things ; it may not be convenient to do it; but if you Sunday drivers would all strike for a day of rest, the thing would be done."
"And what would all the good people do if they could not get to their favorite preachers?" said Larry.
",Tis not for me to lay down plans for other people," said Jerry, " but if they can't walk so far, they can go to
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