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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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154                               BLACK BEAUTY,
Away she went, and soon returned, saying that he could have the trap and welcome.
"All right," said he; "now put me up a bit of bread and cheese, and I'll be back in the afternoon as soon as 1 can."
"And I'll have the meat-pie ready for an early tea in­stead of for dinner," said Polly; and away she went, whilst he made his preparations to the tune of" Polly's the woman and no mistake," of which tune he was very fond.
I was selected for the journey, and at ten o'clock we started, in a light, high-wheeled gig, which ran so easily that after the four-wheeled cab it seemed like nothing.
It was a fine May day, and as soon as we were out of the town, the sweet air, the smell of the fresh grass and the soft country roads were as pleasant as they used to be in the old times, and I soon began to feel quite fresh.
Dinah's family lived in a small farm-house, up a green lane, close by a meadow with some fine shady trees; there were two cows feeding in it. A young man asked Jerry to bring his trap into the meadow, and he would tie me up in the cowshed; he wished he had a better stable to offer.
" If your cows would not be offended," said Jerry, " there is nothing my horse would like so well as to have an hour or two in your beautiful meadow; he's quiet, and it would be a rare treat for him."
" Do, and welcome," said the young man; " the best we have is at your service for your kindness to my sister; we shall be having some dinner in an hour, and I hope you'll come in, though with mother so ill we are all out of sorts in the house."
Jerry thanked him kindly but said, as he had some din­ner with him, there was nothing he should like so well as walking about in the meadow.
When my harness was taken off I did not know what I should do first—whether to eat the grass, or roll over on my back, or lie down and rest, or have a gallop across the-
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