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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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POLLY AND A REAL GENTLEMAN.                  15?
a man who would not have seen her safely across the street if Jerry had not been able to do it.
One cold, windy day, Dolly had brought Jerry a basin of something hot, and was standing by him whilst he ate it. He had scarcely begun, when a gentleman, walking toward us very fast, held up his umbrella. Jerry touched his hat in return, gave the basin to Dolly, and was taking off my cloth, when the gentleman, hastening up, cried out, " No, no, finish your soup my friend; I have not much time to spare, but I can wait till you have dene, and set your little girl safe on the pavement." So saying, he seated himself in the cab. Jerry thanked him kindly and came back to Dolly.
"There, Dolly, that's a gentleman; that's a real gentle­man, Dolly; he has got time and thought for the comfort of a poor cabman and a little girl."
Jerry finished his soup, set the child across, and then took his orders to drive to Clapham Rise. Several times after that the same gentleman took our cab. I think he was very fond of dogs and horses, for whenever we took him to his own door, two or three dogs would come bounding out to meet him. Sometimes he came round and patted me, saying in his quiet, pleasant way : " This horse has got a good master, and he deserves it." It was a very rare thing for any one to notice the horse that had been working for him. I have known ladies do it now and then, and this gentleman and one or two others have given me a pat and a kind word; but ninety-nine out of a hundred would as soon think of patting the steam engine that drew the train.
This gentleman was not young, and there was a for­ward stoop in his shoulders as if he was always going at something. His lips were thin and close shut, though they had a very pleasant smile; his eye was keen, and there was something in his jaw, and the motion of his head, that made one think he was very determined in anything
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