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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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168                              BLACK BEAUTY.
he set about. His voice was pleasant and kind; any horse would trust that voice, though it was just as decided as everything else about him.
One day he and another gentleman took our cab ; they
stopped at a shop in K-----Street, and whilst his friend
went in he stood at the door. A little ahead of us, on the other side of the street, a cart with two very fine horses was standing before some wine vaults; the carter was not with them, and I cannot tell how long they had been standing before they seemed to think they had waited long enough and began to move off. Before they had gone many paces the carter came running out and caught them. He seemed furious at their having moved, and with whip and rein punished them brutally, even beating them about the head. Our gentleman saw it all, and stepping quickly across the street, said, in a decided voice:
"If you don't stop that directly I'll have you arrested for leaving your horses, and for brutal conduct."
The man, who had clearly been drinking, poured forth some abusive language, but he left off knocking the horses about, and taking the reins, got into his cart; meantime our friend had quietly taken a notebook from his pocket, and looking at the name and address painted on the cart, he wrote something down.
" What do you want with that?" growled the carter, as he cracked his whip and was moving on. A nod and a grim smile was the only answer he got.
On returning to the cab, our friend was joined by his companion, who said, laughingly, " I should have thought, Wright, you had enough business of your own to look after, without troubling yourself about other people's horses and servants."
Our friend stood still for a moment, and throwing his head a little back, said, " Do you know why this world i» a» bad as it is ?"
" No," said the Other.
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