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The Autobiography Of A Horse, With Fifty Illustrations.

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POOR GINGER,                                    163
showed plainly through it; the knees knuckled over, and the fore-legs were very unsteady. I had been eating some hay, and the wind rolled a little of it that way, and the poor creature put out her long, thin neck and picked it up, and then turned round and looked about for more. There was a hopeless look in the dull eye that I could not
"The Head Hung out op the Cart Tail."
help noticing, and then, as I was thinking where I had seen that horse before, she looked full at me and said, " Black Beauty, is that you ?"
It was Ginger! but how changed! The beautifully arched and glossy neck was now straight and lank and fallen in; the clean, straight legs and delicate fetlocks were swelled; the joints were grown out of shape with hard work; the face, that was once so full of spirit and
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